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Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I Love Being a Mom...

If I wasn't a mom, I wouldn't have stories like this to tell...

So the other day, my husband and I were sitting in the living room together and our son had been back in the back section of the house playing. Periodically, we would hear his little feet pitter-pattering down the hallway. His room is just down the hall from ours.

He was huffing and puffing and obviously working hard at something.

We kept hearing things moving, feet traveling the house, and heavy toddler breathing.

We were both reluctant to go see what was going on both out of fear of what we would find and out of laziness in being so comfortable where we were.

About five minutes passed and we finally decided to get up together and see if the back of the house was still in one piece.

I fully expected to find all of my son's drawers emptied or the covers ripped off our bed...ya know, one of the things we've taught our son not to do. I always fear they'll come back when I let my guard down, thinking we've conquered that demon.

I walked into my son's room, braced for the worst. Other than a few books in the floor, everything was perfectly in place. My husband reported from our bedroom that he couldn't see anything wrong either.

What in the world!? Was he using his imagination so  well that he actually became out of breath pretending to do whatever he was imagining?!

With no evidence to scold our son over, we decided to go on about our night and head to the park thinking how strange the last 10 minutes were.

After we had put our son to bed for the night, the nightly shower routine commenced. My husband said that as he was walking out of the bathroom, something weird caught his eye. He came to grab me to show me that he had figured out what our 18 month old had been working so hard on earlier that day.

There was one towel draped over the side of the hamper. The rest  of the capacity of the hamper was taken by every shoe we own, carefully placed there by our hard-working little guy! He must have decided that since we put our clothes there when we are done wearing them, we probably meant to put our shoes there too. And since some shoes went there, well, the rest  should go too! =)

It was precious and makes us giggle every time we think about it. Can you imagine how disappointed he must have felt to wake up the next day and see all of the shoes back where they were. All that hard work for nothing!

Children are such  gifts. What immense joy they bring us... I'm so grateful for my son.... He truly is a "bundle of joy."

Do you have any fun kid stories? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Similar story here at my house ~ a pair of shoes and a belt came out of the laundry basket while I was loading the washing machine... our son had been playing in our room earlier and I could figure out what he had done either! :)

    I popped over to your blog from :)