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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Passion #1 - Family

First - I want to explain the point of this blog. I am not a pastor. I've never been to seminary. I have a weak knowledge of the Bible. I'm just a girl that loves the Lord, but wants to love Him more. I have a fun, fantastic life and I want to be sure those fun and fantastic things He's given me cause me to praise His name and not to think it's my doing that has caused such a nice life. It only rocks because He allows it to. With one phone call, it could all shatter around me. I am under His mercy and want to be mindful of that always!

So, let's get started!

I want to lay the groundwork for this blog by introducing you to the passions I have. They are numerous, and in my sometimes-not-so-humble opinion (thanks for grace, Lord!), they are awesome. These are the things that I want to constantly see God in and give him the glory for.

First is Family.

I have a husband! We've been married since 2005 and he's unquestionably perfect for me. He's mine for life and I love that...

I have a baby boy. Well, he's actually a toddler now! His "coming to be" was an unbelievable trial in my life which turned into an unimaginable blessing. I'll save that heartbreaking and yet somehow joyful story for a later post. He's been an amazing baby that makes my husband and I hesitate to take our chances with the "baby lottery" for a second child. Who wants to try their luck when you're talking about a human you'll live with for 18 years (at least!)?! (I'm sure we will...but oooh, it's scary!) Anyways, enough about the future - let's focus on the present! Here's our happy boy!

I also have parents, two sets of in-laws, two siblings of my own, sib-in-laws, grandparents and grandparent-in-laws, etc etc. And about 85% of them live within a 5 mile radius of my home. Yes, it creates some scheduling woes around the holidays, but it also creates many willing (and FREE!) babysitters in the area! Can I get an AMEN! Here are some of the lovely people I get to call family...

Now that you "know" me better, know that this is an important area of my life where I can see the hand of God. Yes, most families are full of dysfunction and sometimes cause us unimaginable headaches and pain, but they can also be sources of strength, joy and true, abiding love.

Many of the posts you'll read here in the future will involve this all-important passion in one way or another. And in each, I'll challenge myself (and also hopefully YOU) to see God in it and to allow what He's doing there to ignite a fiery love for Him that flows freely into the other passions that engulf our lives.

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