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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Turned Down What?!?

Something unprecedented just happened today.

I turned down a trip. Remember, to say that I like to travel doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

I can't remember EVER turning down a trip.

Since today is a day when we usually talk about traveling, I figured it'd be good to include a dose of reality. I don't mean to make it sound like taking trips is easy and everyone, no matter their situation, should travel. I think there is some truth to that...but the reality is...sometimes, it's best to stay home. As much as that pains me.

Earlier this month, we were invited to spend 2 nights in Las Vegas with some good friends at the end of July. We were going to see Cirque du Soleil's "O" and I could NOT wait! I LOVE musical theater and crazy shows like that! I was excited!

Then all hail broke loose. Pun, or misspelled word, or whatever...intended.

We had a huge hail storm that made our roof look like swiss cheese. And we have a sizeable deductible that we get to pay to have it fixed. Oh, the joys of home ownership. While there is still a chance our roof can be fixed without us paying a deductible, we decided it would be most wise to keep our money in our pockets and send our friends off to Sin City without us.

The two days in Vegas would have cost us around $1200. People, we can both go on a seven day cruise for that much! It was painful to imagine dropping that on 2 nights...especially when I don't gamble or visit strip clubs. I just wanted to see Cirque!

Anyways, today, we chose responsibility. But that doesn't mean I stopped looking at cruise deals and discount flights. We will  get away and it will  be amazing. Any time we get to experience new cultures or see part of God's creation that we haven't seen before, we are blessed.

I turned this one down...and what a "culture" that would have been to witness!...but there will be a chance for us. We wait patiently on the Lord and try to steward what he's given us well in the meantime.

Happy trails to those of you who don't have swiss cheese roofs.

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  1. I too LOVE to travel and I personally think it's important for families and couples to get away. However, with that said it dosent mean that sometimes other things don't have to come first. I research travel deals all the time. We try to at least do one weekend trip a year as a couple and one vacay as a family