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Friday, May 27, 2011

Passion #5 - Entertainment

And here we are! The fifth and final "passion category" to complete FATME! It's time for Entertainment!

Unlike the more specific passions previously covered, such as "Family" and "Travel," this one covers a broad range of things. And since I make the rules around here, I've decided that's okay. For me, entertainment is everything else that I enjoy. It includes:

Cooking. I love to take random cans and ingredients I have on hand and turn them into a delicious dinner. I also like to make cookies (and unfortunately, more than I like to make them...I like to eat them).
I like to hang out with my awesome friends. And do adorable poses with my hands.
I like to dance. Can't you tell!?
I like to sing...and use a remote as my mic.
I also like to drink margaritas, eat chips and queso, and kiss my husband behind menus.
Did anyone else notice that my hair is about 4 different colors in this post alone? Apparently, I'm also entertained by constantly changing my hair!

Like the other four passions, to me, these are good things. Therefore, I know they come from the Lord. All to often, I neglect to let these good things remind me of His love for me. That will be the challenge going forward with entertainment-related refocus my heart on Christ while enjoying all of the good things he's given me.

PS - I am not, in ANY way, entertained by shopping. I hate it. So, if you are hoping to one day get some cute fashion tips or advice, please check out some precious, girly blog about clothes and fashion. I have nothing for you here. I am wearing jeans I bought my sophomore year of high school as I type. I'm 27. Enough said? I think so.


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