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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Passion #3 - Travel

Oh boy! Our topic today (the "T" in FATME) happens to also be pretty much the only reason I work...outside of paying my bills and being responsible and's travel! I live for traveling and feel absolutely suffocated by life if I don't have some sort of get away to look forward to.

I enjoy any kind of travel from a 24 hour road trip (yes, without stopping for sleep) to a nice, long cruise. I'll do anything to see the world!

I'll go places that are cold.

I'll go places that are hot. And apparently, I'll dress like a chef and hug a palm tree when I get there.

I'll go to museums.

I'll go to baseball stadiums. All of them.
(For the record, I feel I must make it known at the onset...we aren't Tigers fans. We are "Whoever is Playing the Yankees" fans. Go them!)

I'll go where the water is crystal clear.

I'll go where the water is disgusting questionable. And it seems as though I'll wear the same swimsuit.

I will go anywhere, anytime, with anyone who wants to go... provided there is plenty of food and a way for me to get good sleep. I like those things, and I love seeing the world. It is certainly a passion and something that creates a ton of joy within me. However, it's very easy for that joy to terminate on the trip itself and the memories I made, so my challenge in future posts regarding travel will be to ensure that the joy I find in traveling terminates on Christ and not the trip or my memories.

This may be tough because the memories can be so fun to dwell on...but I love a good challenge, don't you?

The "M" is next! Read up here.


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